Be Wilder Man (4+)

We’re from here.
Because this is here.
This is us.
And you, you’re from there.
And there is not here.
It can never be here.
It will never become here.
There needs to remain there.
And here stays the way it was.

BE WILDER MAN is a performance for 4+ and far above, which responds to the current refugee issue and the general fear of everything that’s different and strange. The show addresses these current issues and brings them to the foreground in a surprisingly candid way.

In a visual and humorous manner, the relation between “us” and “them” is made crystal clear and open for discussion both for children and adults.

Writing: Liesje De Backer, Karolien De Bleser, Amber Goethals, Lotte Vaes and Sarah Vangeel
Cast: Liesje De Backer, Amber Goethals and Sarah Vangeel
Set Design: Michiel Van Cauwelaert
Costumes: Viv Van der Poel
Technical team: Saul Mombaerts, Jannes Dierynck, Jo Heijens, Hanne Nuyttens, Eva Dermul, Sarah Feyen
Graphic Design: Nick Mattan and Ben Raes
Pictures: Franky Verdickt
Cie barbarie recieves structural support from the Commission of the Flemish Community