Mise en Place (6+)


A production by Company Barbarie, theater stap

Five actors from Company Barbarie.
Six actors from Theater Stap.
That makes eleven players on the scene.
Or uh… Not?
Something strange is going on in Mise en Place.
Above has become below.
And left and right are now together the middle.
But ‘I’ also appears to consist of several parts.
In Mise en Place, Company Barbarie and Theater Stap are lookingCompany to their doppelganger.Company Or double-double-triple doppelganger.
Because in the universe of Mise en Place, ‘I’ does not stop at the limits of one’s own body.
A performance in which the ego makes way for the alter-ego.
“I” is there with more.
‘I’ finds themselves there. Countless versions of themselves, even.
“I” is double.
“I” may never have been alone with myself.
“I” has always been someone else.

In Mise en place we look for the vague border where the self ends and the other begins.

Concept: Company Barbarie and Renée Goethijn
Cast: Liesje De Backer, Karolien De Bleser, Amber Goethals, Lotte Vaes, Sarah Vangeel, Ann Dockx, Jan Goris, Luc Loots, Leen Teunkens, Rik Van Raak, Anke Verwaest
Director: Renée Goethijn
Scenography: Michiel Van Cauwelaert
Music: Ciska Thomas
Costumes: Viviane van der Poel & hetpaleis
Sound and Technique: Saul Mombaerts, Koen Desaeger
German Translation:Christine Bais
Production & technical realisation: hetpaleis, cie barbararie, Theater Stap, BRONKS, KOPERGIETERY
Company Barbarie is structurally supported by the VGC.